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KREW Collab Hatim Haddad x Bas Sanderink Video Promotion The Hague


 Posted: 14 January 2021

Every week, we feature one collaboration between KREW Members and/or Partners to inspire new meaningful connections and to show off our awesome work of course. This week it’s the Collab of Hatim Haddad and Bas Sanderink.

Full name: Bas Sanderink
Collaborated with: Hatim Haddad
Since: About one month
In: The Hague

What did you collaborate on? We collaborated on two things, actually! We’re both marketeers, but Hatim is a starting marketeer and I have a bit more experience. So I help him whenever he has questions about the marketing software that we use. At the same time Hatim helped me create product videos for our watch company Wyzer, which we can use for the product pages. Hatim is very handy with his video shooting and editing skills. You can see more of his work on his website Go Green Media.

What I would like to tell everybody at KREW that it is a lot of fun and it could be beneficial for both parties to just strike up a conversation and to meet up.”

What was most fun or surprising about this Collab? The most surprising was that we just met up to get to know each other and after 30 or 45 minutes we both got something out of it. I help him and he helps me. We both have a lot of fun helping each other. We only met twice and shoot each other messages on WhatsApp every now and then. We’re both very eager to learn and build our business in the best way we can.

What did you learn from this Collab? I learned how to level with people, which is an ongoing process for me. What I mean by that is that you could both be marketeers, wood workers or singers, but you could be at a different level or have a totally different approach to how you do things. So if you meet up with someone in the same profession and you want to help each other in some way, first you have to know what kind of knowledge someone has and well, level with them. When you’re on the same wavelength, you can move forward and discuss possible collaborations or other ways of helping each other.

KREW Collab Hatim Haddad x Bas Sanderink Wyzer The Hague Marketing Creative Community for Entrepreneurs

^ Hatim at work during the product shoot.

I also learned from this Collab that if you have the right gear and the skill, it can be quite easy to make good videos and pictures. At Wyzer, we actually struggled with this for a few weeks. Then we asked another professional who struggled with it as well. But Hatim just grabbed out his gear and made it seem like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

Are you going to celebrate success? Oh yeah, definitely! I think that this is just the start of an ongoing collaboration. Because now it was this one thing with these product videos, but Hatim told me that he’s happy to help out with future product shoots as well. And I’m happy to keep helping him with marketing and to get him in touch with other people that might need his skills.

I’m just very much hoping that the product videos will help us communicate our product a bit better and generate more sales. If that happens I will definitely let Hatim know and celebrate it with him — I told him that as well. I’m not sure if we’ll get together for a that, but I will definitely communicate to Hatim how it’s going and I’m sure that we will both be happy about the progress.

^ An example of one of the videos that Hatim shot.

Anything else you’d like to add? What I would like to tell everybody at KREW that it is a lot of fun and it could be beneficial for both parties to just strike up a conversation and to meet up. During corona it might be a bit difficult, but this is the way in which Hatim and I started. We just messaged each other and then we met up in The Hague. We went for lunch. We didn’t really think anything of it, but we ended up helping each other. 

So please send people messages. Be bold and ask them for help or ask them for a meetup. Just have fun with KREW Members.

Thanks for reading the weekly KREW Collab! Don’t hesitate to reach out to Ali or Johan to explore new collaborations and opportunities yourself.

Marc Rodan is the Founder of KREW and Chief Editor of KREW Stories. In 2015 he started his first business as the tallest (mini) pancake baker in Sweden. Since then, he has travelled the world to start businesses in both branding and online education. Marc loves penguins, UFOs and anything blue and orange, always makes up songs while doing the dishes and dreams of one day living in a tree house as big as Jake and Finn’s. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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