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Meet with driven entrepreneurs

KREW community entrepreneurs founders meetings meetups growth accelerator check mark purple and white

learn from their experiences

KREW community entrepreneurs founders meetings meetups growth accelerator check mark purple and white

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a different kind of mastermind

Entrepreneurship is challenging. Surrounding yourself with the right people, in the right format, can have a massive impact on you and your business. By joining a KREW, you get:

KREW Community high achievers entrepreneurs founders startups masterminds mastermind meetings support feedback 10x growth

Access to high achievers

Get the knowledge and network to 10X your growth. Seriously.

KREW Community masterminds brutally honest feedback entrepreneurs founders startups challenges business owners support growth

Brutally honest feedback

When it comes to your business, tough love is the best love.

KREW Community accountability entrepreneurs founders business owners startups growth masterminds mastermind

Powerful accountability

No more procrastinating on what you truly want or need.

KREW Community after-parties parties social entrepreneurs drinks dinner beers founders business owners startups growth

Epic after-parties

Because the most valuable connections are built on dinner and drinks

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Every KREW is its own kind of weird

A KREW is a family of 10 to 30 entrepreneurs who meet monthly or more. They all have their own unique style and interests. Find a KREW that matches yours!


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What our members say

We didn’t ask him for it. He didn’t have to do it. But he did. As a surprise. Click here to watch the video testimonial he sent us. Ali: “In KREW, I feel at home among weirdos like me. It’s nice to be able to talk about the stuff I can’t talk about with my team.”

Alireza Parpaei

Media Marketing Agency COO, Holland Park Media

β€œAt KREW I found likeminded thinkers, people who have traveled the world, just like me, who are not afraid to go off the beaten path… together we support each other by sharing expertise that help out projects that fuel a better world.”

Ines Gaston

Professional Speaker & Burnout Coach,

β€œDown to earth, valuable and fun! For me and my business partner, joining the KREW Community was the perfect choice. Very openminded and friendly people and a general great setup.”

Liselot van kesteren

Copywriting Agency Co-Founder, Two Dots

β€œI found some really nice collaborations via KREW. The people in this network are skilled, genuine and fun! Once you start going to the monthly meetings, you’re likely to get work out of it on top of the great support.”

Johan Oudshoorn

Video Production House Founder, Oupro Media