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Running a business isn’t easy

As a creative entrepreneur, you may feel that…

You're uncertain about whether you're making the right business decisions

It's hard to follow up on the goals and strategies that you set for yourself

You lack focus, because you constantly come up with new awesome ideas

It's hard to find talented and trustworthy people to collaborate with

Get weekly coaching in small virtual meetings with 3-6 peers

Sparring with likeminded entrepreneurs will give you the clarity and confidence you need to make better business decisions and accelerate your growth.

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What our members SAY 

“It’s rare to come across a group of people who are as passionate and as enthusiastic as the people I’ve met through you.” And yeah, Ali went above and beyond.

Alireza Parpaei

Media Agency Co-founder,

“What surprised me most about KREW is how easy it was to become a real part of the community.”

Brendy batenburg

LinkedIn Trainer & Digital Nomad,

“I joined KREW because I want to be around creative people. I like the energy. It inspires me to improve myself and the products for my clients.”

Leo Boekhoudt

Bookkeeper & Financial Advisor,

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