Creating the Brand book for KREW

The very first step of the KREW Brand with Shewska as star of the show.

KREW Collab Shewska Verberne & Alireza Parpaei Brand Book


 Posted: 14 January 2021

Every week, we feature one collaboration between KREW Members and/or Partners to inspire new meaningful connections and to show off our awesome work of course. This week it’s the Collab of myself, Shewska and Ali.

Full name: Marc Rodan
Collaborated with: Shewska VerberneAlireza Parpaei
For: About one month
In: The Hague (NL)

What did you collaborate on? When we were at the very first KREW Event, the day on which our first platform went live, there were two people who immediately told me: “Marc, we need a brand book. We need to get crystal clear what our mission and vision is, who our main customers are and how to communicate with them”. 

These people were Ali and Shewska, of course. Though the star of this collaboration is definitely Shewska, who was in charge of putting the entire brand book together. I heard Hector Ruiz helped out a little bit with the visuals as well (thanks Hector!). This was also the very first KREW Collab ever and one that created the foundation for the entire brand that we have today. 

In case you’re curious about the result, you can download the brand book here. It’s no longer entirely up to date anymore, but still awesome!

“This was also the very first KREW Collab ever and one that created the foundation for the entire brand that we have today.”

What was most fun or surprising about this Collab? I was actually quite surprised by Shewska’s thorough approach to creating this brand book. She first sent me a list with questions about KREW, our customers, the problems we’re trying to solve and more. Then she processed all of that before we had another, more in-depth meeting together with Ali. That one came with more than a few revelations actually. It was also when the picture above was taken. From just this meeting, the questions I answered earlier and a whole lot of research, Shewska created the brand book. 

What did you learn from this Collab? I learned the importance of actually having a brand book. It’s an easy step for a startup to skip. Oh, and of having critical people like Ali and Shewska really get to the bottom of what KREW is of course. There is only so much you can come up with alone and discussing it with people who care has been beyond valuable.

Hector and Shewska at KREW VR Tournament The Hague Netherlands

^ Shewska with her boyfriend Hector Ruiz at the KREW VR Tournament in The Hague.

How did you (or are you going to) celebrate success? We didn’t! Yet. Though I do count the whiskey I drank with Ali and the KREW VR Tournament with Hector and Shewska (picture above) like a bit of a celebration. That being said, I would love to go for a dancing night with all of us together when things open up again after corona.

Anything else you’d like to add? Just that I really enjoyed working with these two people. I am very grateful that they suggested to create a brand book and that they have been so involved in making sure that it turned out right in the end.

If you are unsure about your brand or how to create one from scratch, be sure to reach out to Shewska! She is great at this and she can even help you set up a content marketing strategy across different platforms. And of course: Ali is just a great all-around help who knows A LOT about marketing in general and how to produce pretty much any type of media content. Thanks again!!

Thanks for reading the weekly KREW Collab! Don’t hesitate to reach out to Shewska or Ali to explore new collaborations and opportunities yourself.

Marc Rodan is the Founder of KREW and Chief Editor of KREW Stories. In 2015 he started his first business as the tallest (mini) pancake baker in Sweden. Since then, he has travelled the world to start businesses in both branding and online education. Marc loves penguins, UFOs and anything blue and orange, always makes up songs while doing the dishes and dreams of one day living in a tree house as big as Jake and Finn’s. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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