Twice a year, we replace the regular KREW program with something extra special. This Christmas, we partnered up with the community of The Hague Tech to prepare a potluck dinner. Everyone brought amazing dishes from all around the world. It was a real feast… with a great afterparty!

πŸ“… Meeting Date:Β December 15th, 2022
πŸ“ Partner Venue:Β The Hague Tech
🌍 City: 
The Hague (NL)

🎡 DJ: Alireza Parpaei
πŸ“Έ Content Chief:Β Tatiana Shalunova
πŸ’ͺ Support Chiefs:Β Marc Rodan &Β Martin Hadzhiev

πŸ“ΈΒ Pictures by:Β Tatiana ShalunovaΒ (downloadΒ allΒ picturesΒ here)