“One million stars”, of course. See all reviews below!

“I found some really nice collaborations via KREW. The people in this network are skilled, genuine and fun! Once you start collaborating you’re likely to get more work out of it.”

Johan oudshoorn

Video Producer, Oupro.com

“Down to earth, valuable and fun! For me and my business partner, joining the KREW Community was the perfect choice. Very openminded and friendly people and a general great setup.”

Liselot van kesteren

Copywriter, Two-dots.nl

“It’s easy to find and start collaborations with people in KREW. I found several collaborations via the platform myself, which have been great learning experiences as an entrepreneur.”

Shewska Verberne

Brand Strategist, SMV Consultancy

“I am not usually a fan of these types of collectives because it is usually a collection of self-employed people who are looking for (more) work. KREW is the exception. Nice group with mostly creative entrepreneurs. And, KREW is really committed to securing contracts for affiliated entrepreneurs. Recommended!”

Jorgen barthel

Digital Agency Co-founder & Sales Advisor, Dinkler.digital

“It’s rare to come across a group of people who are as passionate and as enthusiastic as the people I’ve met through you.”Β 

Alireza Parpaei

Media Agency Co-founder, Hollandparkmedia.com

“What surprised me most about KREW is how easy it was to become a real part of the community.”

Brendy batenburg

Freelance LinkedIn Trainer, Linkedinlab.nl

“At KREW I found likeminded thinkers, people who have traveled the world, just like me, who are not afraid to go off the beaten path… together we support each other by sharing expertise that help out projects that fuel a better world.”

Ines gaston

Clinical Psychologist & Resilience Coach, Inesgaston.com

Great way to connect with fellow creative entrepreneurs!”

Rick speets

3D Motion Graphic & Audio Designer, Studiospeets.com

“KREW offers a stimulating space (cyber and physical where possible) to engage with a diverse group of entrepreneurs. It provides a community and a home to individual creatives. KREW clearly demonstrates that ‘knowing who’ can be more important than ‘knowing how’.”

Albert Paardekam

Sustainability Trainer & Consultant, Darel.nl

“I have participated in a few communities for entrepreneurs, offline meetings were cool, but never did it work online. KREW is a different kind of story. It’s digital-first by design. After we get to know each other, we can better connect in the offline world and cooperate. Marc, the founder, carefully helps the community grow and attracts impressive members.”

Dawid pacha

Owner of several small businesses, Messengerfox.me

“As a starting graphic designer myself, KREW helped me to connect with people who are going out of their way to help me grow as a person, gain skills and experience and love to see others making progress in doing what they love! Definitely worth joining!”

Marieke laanen

Graphic Designer, Mary Lane Designs

“In KREW you will find people willing to work with you, but also help you. In the end, you can say it is a great place to find personal and professional growth along with other cool people.”

Carlos Perez

3D Designer and Media Marketeer, Art3dstudio.com

“It just really, really helps to be with likeminded people who keep you focused, on track and motivated. To me, the value and the community are incredible.”

Costa Belien

Online Self-Development Coach, Costabelien.com

“I joined KREW because I want to be around creative people. I like the energy. It inspires me to improve myself and the products for my clients.”

Leo Boekhoudt

Bookkeeper and Financial Advisor, Boekhoudt.org